Om! Crush on Me (2021)

Om! Crush on Me (2021)

Other name: อโยธยามหาระรวย Ayothaya MahaRareuy Cute Boy Ayothaya


To find his long-lost mom, Ryo, a half-Thai-half Japanese, comes to Ayutthaya. During that he falls in love with Saisoi, but she is bought to be a slave wife of a lord. Not only the high royal rank he has, but also the magic. Ryo has learnt about magic for a while, he forms a group with friends to set Saisoi free from being a slave. However, his magic is not as strong as the magic of the lord. Ryo comes back again and never gives up helping the girl he loves and finds a chance to meet his mom.

Country: Thailand

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2021

Genre: Action; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy;

Airs: Dec 02, 2021

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